How sessions work:

Sessions move at a pace comfortable for you. We start with talking about the issues being faced and we can aim to improve the situation. 

I use a combination of relaxation , hypnotherapy and CBT to help you do this.  Hypnosis embeds and strengthens new positive changes and CBT helps you to successfully implement new behaviours and thought processes.

When we relax fully we can allow the subconscious mind to engage, this is how hypnosis works. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness reached through relaxation. You are always in control of sessions.

CBT is a proven treatment recognised by NICE (the National Institute for Clinical Excellence) for depression and can be prescribed by the NHS . Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective , but it is important to note that every person is different and results may vary, however , using a combination of the two techniques enables Lisa to give the client the best opportunity for positive change.

How Relaxation sessions work:

These 30 minute online sessions are designed to let you switch off the stresses and strains of the day and leave you feeling soothed, calm and relaxed (almost like a short holiday for the brain!) 

All you have to do is sit somewhere comfortable and listen. 


The group sessions are a great  way to un-wind for groups, family or friends or co-workers who are in one room together or all joining from 6 different locations. 

A lovely relaxation experience to share and enjoy - sessions are usually themed for example desert island holiday bliss or beautiful lakeside retreats. Imagery can take you anywhere...!

Listen to the FREE 5 minute relaxation recording below to try it out..

Disclaimer - by listening to this recording you confirm that you have read the following:

Do not listen to this recording when driving or operating machinery.  Find a comfortable safe place where you can lay down or be seated away from disruptions.  Do not hold anything in your hand, especially a hot drink or your electronic device, as these may fall in the course of the session.

Also, please ensure you are alert before you drive or operate any machinery immediately after listening to this recording.   Any hypnosis experienced is self hypnosis.

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